Hanford Champion
Year: 1989
Team: Soccer (Girls)
District Champions
Undefeated, a record of 18 and 0, this is the first soccer team regardless of gender or classification of High School to win a State Championship from east of the Cascade s. Exemplifying their excellence and dominance of all competition was the 11 to 1 scoring ratio throughout state playoff competitions. The win for the State Championship was over the team who had beaten the nationally fourth ranked team the previous day in the semi-final earning the Falcons a second in Nation ranking in the USA Today and the National High School Association Coaches Poll. The team comprised of younger players who played premier level soccer and older players who played select level soccer but were established athletes in other high school sports. This made for fierce competition at tryouts, scrimmages, and small sided games. This team was skilled and poised, and like a family, they believed in themselves and each other. They helped one another be at their best whether wrapping a player’s wound, cheering a teammate or communicating others’ needs to captains and coaches. Given opportunity, this Falcon team sacrificed, passing up a shopping mall trip before the Final. Instead, they all simultaneously met the coaches for pre-game breakfast to be together.

This team was experienced and fought through adversity prior to 1989; such as when an outstanding student-athlete’s injury kept her from going to the District tournament game and another went on to make the difference in the game despite mourning the death of a friend, crying through the first half and pulling herself together in the second half to score both of HHS’s goals. In another instance, another teammate was hospitalized in critical care merely weeks before the season started, ultimately, made the team and became strong enough to play fearlessly through the entire championship game. And there were several others playing through injuries during the course of the season and championship game. Subsequently, this team grew in confidence and competence from 1986 and never lost a league game in four years. Their practices even drew attention from the school and community. Once, the Mead High School’s coach was observing the team during a practice. Mead had been close to winning the State Championship for a number of years in a row. The coach’s mouth was gaping open in awe. He saw the amazing on-field communication, speed, power, defensive organization, and sheer creativity on offence. All who saw this team throughout the Valley and State were amazed at their technical and tactical abilities along with their physical and mental attributes. This was quite a team!

Team Roster

Julie Parazin
Julie Comiskey
Charlotte Strachan
Becca Huisingh
Tammy Steffen
Sara Pursley
Nicole Maxam
Cari Busch
Sondra Smith
Julie Hunter
Alexis Strachan
Kelley Keve
Jennifer Peterson
Carrie Pederson
Angel Dudley
Martha Tobias
Kristen Baker
Sarah Plum
Tiffany Propson
JulieAnn Rosenwald
Dana Pursley
Karen Richert

Managers: Debbie Simonen, Susanne Revell, Heather Peterson, and Sam Pellicer

Coaches: Ralph Sanner and assisted by Dennis Strachan