Hanford Champion
Year: 2005
Team: Soccer (Girls)
Mid-Valley League Champions
Front Row (left to right): Lacey Golden, Abbey Winschell, Brittney Cox, Celeste Jones, Katy Swift, Allison Baker, Takara Harden.

Second Row (left to right): Marlene Stanley, Dana Neuman, Emily Easley, Brittney Zlatich, Michelle Wingfield, Kendra Bradshaw, Nikki DePeel, Jackie Swift, Chelsea Foster, Kristi Parnell.

Third Row (left to right): Laurie Guthrie, Lauren Carlson, Kelly Hostetler, Britney Bond, Liz Homer, Blake Loos, Monica Wittreich, Kayla Akers, Sean Esterhuizen.

Congratulations to the following Lady Falcons for making the Mid-Valley League (MVL) All-Conference team (in alpha order):

First Team:

Nikki DePeel
Liz Homer
Kelly Hostetler
Dana Neuman

Second Team:

Kayla Akers
Kendra Bradshaw
Blake Loos
Katy Swift

Honorable Mention:

Britney Bond

Lauren Carlson and Jackie Swift were All-Conference selections last year, but unfortunately, did not meet the minimum game requirements for selection this year due to their injuries.

Athlete of the Week for October 20, 2005

This was published Thursday, October 20th, 2005 in the Tri-City Herald


Dana Neuman, Junior, Hanford

Right fullback played a key part in holding two of the MVL's top scorers -- Selah's Caitlyn Bersing and Prosser's Jordan Brown -- without a goal in a pair of Hanford wins.


Mid-Valley League Soccer

2004 Champions: Regular season and Districts: West Valley-Yakima.

Returning all-leaguers: First team: For--Janae Godoy, sr., West Valley; Amanda Brusic, soph., West Valley; Caitlyn Bersing, sr., Selah. MF--Kirstie Munson, soph., West Valley. Def--Brittany Murillo, jr., West Valley; Kelly Hostetler, jr., Hanford; Rochel Burke, soph., Selah. Second team: For--Nikki DePeel, sr., Hanford; Jackie Swift, sr., Hanford. MF--Taylor Fannin, soph., West Valley; Lauren Carlson, jr., Hanford; Kendra Courcy, jr., Selah; Nikki Summerville, jr., Selah; Yanet Candido, sr., Sunnyside; Cassie Jolliff, sr., Sunnyside. Def--Charley West, soph., Selah; Erica Luce, jr., Ellensburg.