Hall of Fame
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Jim Murphy Memorial

A Hanford High School individual student-athlete cannot be considered for induction until at least five (5) years after their graduation date and has been recognized as All-State by one of the following sources or has reached one of the other cited achievements:

1. Washington State Coaches Association (Participation in a State All-Star game).
2. Selection to the all-tournament team at the State Tournament.*
3. Selected by the Associated Press and/or major newspapers. *
4. The individual medals at the State Tournament in his/her event **
5. All Area Most Valuable Player (MVP) for a sport as selected by the Tri-City Herald.
6. Athlete of the Year as selected by the Tri-City Herald.

*This represents a first or second team selection. Honorable mention will only be considered If a second team was not selected for the particular team sport.

** Medaling as defined by the WIAA is as follows:

- Cross Country

More Hall of Fame Induction - January 14, 2012
First Induction
Fred Strankman Coach 1972 through 1977
Glen Meinke Coach 1972 to 2002
Scott Stromatt Baseball Class of 1974
Paul Boolen Baseball Class of 1974
Steve Thieme Football Class of 1975
Jim Van Tuyl Golf Class of 1975
Rob Cuello Baseball Class of 1976
Rob Marshall Baseball Class of 1976
Denny DeVine Baseball Class of 1977
Chris Widrig Golf Class of 1977
Second Induction
John Morgan Football Coach 1979 through 1989
Jim Murphy Basketball Coach 1977 through 1999
Nancy Roy Coach 1973 through 1984
Chuck Wagner Golf Coach 1973 to Present
Michelle Weissenfels-Argue Track Class of 1987
Tori Baker Basketball Class of 1987
Jeff Bumgarner Baseball Class of 1985
Chris Busselman Football and Track Class of 1987
Jim Castleberry Football Class of 1983
Dave Densley Baseball Class of 1987
Dennis Dudley Track Class of 1974
Randy Garcia Baseball Class of 1980
Brad Smith Football Class of 1986
Mike Sutey Baseball Class of 1985
Greg Thesenvitz Basketball Class of 1978
Tak Walden Football Class of 1984
Bob "Bobby" Weissenfels Football Class of 1986
Third Induction
Bob Waits Baseball Coach 1979 through 1984
Jill Greenfield Basketball Class of 1977
Kara Price-Coleman Basketball Class of 1981
Millicent Shaw Track Class of 1986
Pete Gilbert Golf Class of 1988
Ryan Hoff Baseball Class of 1988
Craig Nelson Baseball Class of 1989
Randy Young Baseball Class of 1989
Fourth Induction
Ralph Sanner Soccer Coach 1986 through 1992
Marc Arey Golf Class of 1991
Eli Brackenbury Baseball Class of 1991
Jason Ford Baseball Class of 1992
Kelly Keve Soccer Class of 1992
Christine Miller Swimming Class of 1993
Jennifer Peterson Soccer Class of 1992
Ana Tuiaea Basketball Class of 1993
Dan Zeamer Football Class of 1992
Glenn Ziegler Baseball Class of 1991
Fifth Induction
Greg Sevigny Varsity Football Coach 1980 through 2007
Clay Lewis Varsity Track Coach 1984 through 2006
Kristin Ball Tennis Class of 1996
Shane Bishop Football Class of 1995
Darren Crow Track Class of 1984
John Keating Cross Country Class of 1986
James Kwong Baseball Class of 1993
Shay Nielson Track Class of 1985
Dione Rasmussen Tennis Class of 1999
Steve Shupe Golf Class of 1994
Elliot Strakman Baseball Class of 1996
Jeremy Taylor Golf Class of 1997
Mac Tuiaea Basketball and Football Class of 1995
1985 State Baseball Champions STATE CHAMPIONS 1985
1986 State Girls Basketball Champions STATE CHAMPIONS 1986
Sixth Induction
Dan Colleran Track Class of 1990
Ron Everham First HHS Student to Letter in Nine (9) Sports Class of 1975
Brad Gailey Football Class of 1997
Luke Gailey Basketball and Football Class of 2000
Jared Hughes Football Class of 2000
Kurt Kraemer Track Class of 1998
Darin Ladd Track Class of 1992
Sheila Larkin Cross Country Class of 1991
Jason Repko Baseball Class of 1999
Michael Schwegel Wrestling Class of 2000
Jon Shipman Wrestling Class of 1986
Steve Skinner Track Class of 1979
Justin Stoker Football Class of 2000
Adam Tenforde Cross Country and Track Class of 1999
Lindsey Tucker Varsity Softball Coach 1980 - 2007
Yvonne Volkman Girls Basketball Class of 1997
1987 State Baseball Champions STATE CHAMPIONS 1987
1989 State Girls Soccer Champions STATE CHAMPIONS 1989
1995 State Girls Golf Champions STATE CHAMPIONS 1995
Seventh Induction
Brian and Thomas Seely Track Class of 2003
Justin Clary Track Class of 2003
Tom Hegarty Athletic Director 1996 thru 2013
Laura Higby Girls Soccer Class of 2004
Kyle Kraemer Track Class of 2002
Kasey Knox Tennis Class of 2004
Jackie Travis Softball Class of 2005
Husein Pistoljevic Boys Basketball Class of 2003
Kari Pierce Girls Soccer Class of 2003
Jon Hickey Track Class of 2002
Holly Krzan Softball Class of 2003
Morgan Rulon Softball Class of 2004
2003 State Softball Champions Softball 2003
Michal Gutowski Track Class of 2003
Danielle Woodford Softball Class of 2004
Karla Meeks Girls Soccer Class of 2003
Meg Barker Sotball Class of 2004
Michael Gamble Track Class of 2003
Eighth Induction
Samantha Brown Soccer and Track Class of 2005
Tyler Cathey Football, Basketball and Track Class of 2005
Max Collins Football, Basketball, and Track Class of 2005
Francisco “Chico” Gonzalez Wrestling Class of 2005
Melissa Guthrie Soccer and Track Class of 2005
Kelly Hostetler Soccer and Track Class of 2007
Kasey Hostetler Soccer and Track Class of 2005
Bill and Teresa Knirck HHS Falcon Supporters Class of 2015
Nineth Induction
Nicole (Nikki) DePeel Basketball Class of 2006