Bill and Teresa Knirck   HHS Falcon Supporters Class of 2015

Both Bill & Teresa embody what being a Falcon really means. They spent many years devoted to Falcon athletics; starting with her brother (Denny’77), through her son (Jason, ’89) and daughter’s (Jocelyn, ’96) sports at Hanford and on to her niece and nephews (Danae ’10, Jalen ’13, Jared ’19) and now even grandchildren’s (Lila ’19, Derrek ’27, Dylan ’29) future success sporting the Purple & Gold!

During her time at Hanford High, TK has been a positive influence in the lives of thousands of young people. Many of these young people have gone on to achieve great things and much of it was due, in part, to the mentoring and guidance that Teresa provided. Teresa was an outstanding teacher and guidance counselor who understood the importance of students being well rounded and always advised young people to become involved in sports and activities. It was common to see her chatting with coaches, athletes, teachers, and administrators in her office, both after big wins and difficult losses.

A former HHS administrator commented that, “one of Teresa’s most outstanding character traits is that of loyalty. TK has consistently modeled that to her husband and family, her job as an educator, and to her passion, the Falcons of Hanford High School.” Teresa was actively involved in so many things outside the classroom, including being an advisor to the Cheer squad, Pep Club, Russian Club, Key Club, and NHS, to name a few. While leading the cheerleaders for 15 years, Teresa and family could be seen nearly every Friday or Saturday night at a home game or with a van full of kids driving to away games around the state. Though busy in the obligations of teaching and advising, you could always count on Teresa encouraging athletes and coaches as a faithful fan at numerous HHS sporting events.

Teresa retired as an educator last year, but she is still seen at many football, basketball, baseball and softball games. She truly is a super fan, a Falcon Fan!!

Bill Knirck is being inducted into the Hanford High School Hall of Fame because of the commitment and devotion that he had for the HHS Sports programs for so many years. He was committed to excellence in everything that he did. Whether it was as a pharmacist, a husband, a dad, a softball coach or as a parent in the stands, Bill was committed to the athletes and coaches of Hanford High School. He loved to talk about the WSU Cougars, the Mariners, the Seahawks, and yet, his love for these teams paled in comparison to his love for the HHS Falcons! From early on, he developed a great camaraderie with coaches and players alike; he was a regular at the early morning coaches/teachers basketball games and was just as likely to be seen at Miner’s with the kids after a game. He was passionate about sports and this fire burned bright for many years as he faithfully cheered at Hanford sporting events.

He was a longtime Booster member and took on many roles, always putting in extra time to improve the athletic programs. Bill was so highly regarded at HHS that the coaches and boosters felt that the highest tribute that could be paid to him was to establish a scholarship in his honor! The purpose of the Bill Knirck Memorial Scholarship is to “encourage and recognize high academic achievement, participation in sports, and participation in school and community activities.” Bill recognized the importance of all these traits and knew they helped student-athletes become successful individuals and true Falcons!

Needless to say, all of those that Bill and Teresa have come into contact with truly love them and love being around their compassion, wit, and honest devotion to HHS athletics.