Bob "Bobby" Weissenfels   Football Class of 1986

Bob "Bobby" Weissenfels is the epitome of high school football. His strength, speed, and grace on and off the football field led to a career that few young men will ever experience. Bob's first game as a Varsity quarterback, the Falcon coaching staff did not know what to expect. When the game ended, the opposing coach said, "Hanford isn't a good high schhool football team, they are a great junior college team and that Weisennfels is the key."

Bob could do it all on both sides of the ball. He was so highly thought of by both opposing players and coaches, Bob was named an unanimous All-State selection. His football career led him to the United States Naval Academy and the United States Olympic Team. Bob Weissenfels is truly a Falcon football legend and role model for the Falcon community.