John Morgan   Football Coach 1979 through 1989

John Morgan has been associated with athletics as a player, coach, and fan for most of his life. John began his head football coaching career, by following in his father's footsteps, at Columbia High in Burbank, WA. After three years in Burbank, John came to Hanford High School as a social studies teacher and football coach. In 1979, John became the head football coach. John was instrumental in the development of the winning tradition at Hanford High School in the eighties. During his ten years as the Falcon's head coach, John was 64-42, appeared in the playoffs six times, advanced to the State quarterfinals twice, and finished third in State in 1985. John made the Falcons the team of the eighties, as they dominated the Mid-Valley League.

Many young men benefited from Coach Morgan's program through scholarships, All-State and All-Conference honors, the thrill of competition, and the joy that comes with being a part of the "Falcon Pride" community.

Year Won Lost
1979 1 8
1980 6 3
1981 7 2
1982 9 2
1983 8 2
1984 5 4
1985 10 2
1986 8 2
1987 7 2
1988 2 7
1989 1 8

Totals 64 42