Millicent Shaw   Track Class of 1986

Saving the best for last. That is what Millicent Shaw did her senior year at Hanford High School. This young lady had worked hard to develop herself as a fine hurdler through the years of competition. Week after week Millicent would go out and practice and practice to get through the 300-hurdle race without stuttering her steps. Week after week, however, somewhere in the race she would break stride to clear the hurdle successfully.

It was not until the final race in Tacoma, WA that everything fell in to place for her. Millicent broke out of the blocks in good form and was leading through through the first four hurdles. This was nothing new, as she usually hit it in perfect stride. Millicent lead the entire race from start to finish and won the 1986 State title in the 300 meter hurdles, putting her on the record board at Hanford High School for the fastest time ever run at that point in Hanford's history. Millicent had it all: speed, endurance, technique, and style -- a very classy Falcon!