Greg Sevigny   Varsity Football Coach 1980 through 2007

Greg Sevigny had an exceptionally positive impact on the lives of countless student-athletes at Hanford High School (HHS) for twenty-seven years as a coach for the Falcons. Coach Sevigny earned the respect of players with his passion for teaching, relentless work ethic, and commitment to excellence. His leadership ability and character were appreciated by coaching colleagues and generated absolute loyalty to Coach Sevigny from the people associated with athletics at Hanford.

Coach Sevigny earned a degree in Education from Eastern Washington University in 1978 while playing football for the Eagles. With his playing days over and a teaching degree in hand, Coach Sevigny embarked on a teaching career in the Richland School District. The experience of playing football at Columbia Basin College and EWU motivated Coach Sevigny to begin his coaching career at Hanford High School in 1980. The subsequent experiences as a coach for the Falcons were so rewarding that it prompted Coach Sevigny to continue working with student-athletes at Hanford for the next twenty-seven years.

Coach Sevigny served as the Head Football Coach at Hanford from 1990-2004. His tenure is marked by multiple play-off appearances and some of the greatest memories in Hanford Football history, such as ending two of the longest winning streaks in our State’s history against Prosser and Ephrata. Coach Sevigny has been influential in the development of many outstanding football players including fellow 2011 Hall of Fame inductees Mac Tuiaea (1994) and Shane Bishop (1995).

Although Coach Sevigny is best remembered as the head football coach at HHS, he excelled as an assistant coach in football, track & field, and softball. Coach Sevigny was the defensive coordinator for the Falcons during their most successful period of HHS football. He was the architect of several dominating defensive teams for numerous League champions in the 1980’s. Coach Sevigny served as an assistant coach for track and field from 1982-1990 and 1998-2000. As a track coach, he was able to help Michelle Weissenfels and Chris Busselman earn State titles in 1997. Coach Sevigny was a valuable member of the coaching staff for the softball program from 2001-2007 under the guidance of Lindsey Tucker. The Falcons won the State Championship for softball in 2003.

Perhaps the most admirable trait of Coach Sevigny is the genuine caring and concern he displayed for the student-athletes he coached at Hanford. When recently asked to reflect on his coaching career and identify what is the most important aspect of coaching, Coach Sevigny responded by saying “Doing what’s right for the kids – making sure they learn and enjoy the experience.” It is his fundamental philosophy of coaching that has made Coach Sevigny cherished by players and worthy of the great honor of being elected into the HHS Hall of Fame.

Coach Sevigny’s Won-Loss Record at Hanford High School

1990 5-4
1991 6-3
1992 5-6
• Hanford 18, Ellensburg 8
• Hanford 6, Prosser 42
1993 8-3
1994 4-5
1995 7-2
• Hanford 0, Sunnyside 7
Kansas City Tie Breaker
1996 6-3
1997 2-7
1998 0-9
1999 7-3
• League Champions
• Hanford 0, Cheney 14
2000 3-6
2001 5-4
2002 5-4
2003 3-7
2004 2-7

Total: 68-73

Note: Scores provided represent “playoff” game results.