Kyle Kraemer   Track Class of 2002

Kyle is a 2002 graduate of Hanford High and this year’s Honorary Inductee into Hanford’s 2014 Hall of Fame Class. The Kraemer family has been blessed not with just one great athlete, but with two. Kurt Kraemer, a past inductee to the Hall of Fame, has a younger brother Kyle a State Champion himself. Kyle competed four years of track and field for the Falcons and was a major part of the success the program achieved during his time. Kyle, like his brother, focused mainly on the jumps and was very good.

Kyle is being inducted into the Hall of Fame for his contributions and his finishes at the State Championship. As a junior he had his work cut out for him in the triple jump as he attempted to out jump one of the State’s super stars, and the nation’s most recruited athletes. Kyle put everything he had into his last attempt and improved his mark but landed short of victory and finished 2nd.

A year later, and a senior, Kyle led the 3A State jumpers from the beginning, and he finished as a State Champion in the triple jump by a large margin, Kyle’s coaches and teammates will never forget the leadership he demonstrated as he helped his Hanford Falcon Track Team to place 2nd in the State, an accomplishment only equaled by the 1998 team that his brother was a participant.