Stacey Stanhope of the Falcons!

Heidi Nelson of the Falcons.

Janelle King ready for the block.

Hope Colins on the hit - KABOOM!!

Gorica and Brittney mulling over a point.

Chantal Petkus among a flock of Falcons.

"32 dive" on one, ready break!

Happy Hanford Falcons!

Hanford's Hope Collins on a hard hit against the Mustangs.

Brittney Quick blasts the ball by Prosser's Claire Raap.

Chantal Petkus making the save for the Falcons!

Brittney Quick with a blast - boom!

Set by Barrot with Quick preparing to lock and load - boom!

Kristen Barott with the set.

"I know I left them right here" - Coach Hugh Harris

Barott and Quick at the net for the Falcons.


Quick versus Raap at the net!

Quick and Petkus playing the net against the Stangs.

Falcons making the block!

Kristen Barott working on her ostrich impersonation.

Brittney Quick grabbing rim!

Watch out! Chantal Petkus making a great Falcon effort.

Falcon Volleyball at the Idaho Team Camp