Tip Off at Falcon Gym as Drew Skinner reaches high...

Falcon Boys Disappointed at Regionals.

Steve Severin and Drew Curry - OUCH!

Steve Severin with the "J"

Drew Curry getting stuffed by a Bulldog!

Drew Curry going to the bucket.

Tommy Begalka of the Falcons.

Casey Johnson of the Falcons.

Alex Moore of the Falcons -- Golfer Extraordinaire!

Steve Severin with the "J"

What's that crazy Falcon fan doing on the floor -- SECURITY?

Taylor Leitze moving to the bucket - give him the ball!!

Taylor Leitze demanding the ball on the block.

Taylor Leitze of the Falcons with a pass.

Mac Powers - going.....going....going......going.....blocked

Mac Powers - going.....going....going......going......

Mac Powers - going.....going....going......

Mac Powers - going.....going....

Mac Powers -- going...

Drew Curry getting rim.

Drew Curry getting hammered by a Mustang.

Coach Mayer and Alex Moore discussing the weather.

Drew Curry eyeing an opening.

Steve Severin - 2005-06 First Team All-MVL

Kenan Mehinovic and Mac Powers watching the action.

Kyle Cruzen looking way too serious.

What did you say?? Nikos Danakos of the Falcons.

I think it went in -- Tommy Begalka - 1st Team All-MVL

Tommy Begalka with a defender in a Stang in his face.

What happened?

Mac Powers showing his ball handling skills.

Mac Powers looking for an opening.

Steve Severin admiring that last swat!

Casey Johnson taking the ball to the rack.

It's a three!!!!

Falcon Boys during the National Anthem.

Tommy Begalka of the Falcons.


Drew Curry getting off the sky hook.

Tommy Begalka getting a shot off against Prosser.

Casey Johnson against the Stangs!

Shari's Fane of the Game -- Kyle Pierce -- Made $100!

Steve Severin not sharing the ball!

Nikos Danakos at Art Dawald.

Drew Curry surrounded by Vikings!

Drew Curry scoring for the Falcons!

Steve Severin focusing on the foul line.

Falcons in the huddle with Coach Mayer.

Taylor Leitze battling inside!

Falcon Faithful dressed up for the Show!

Casey Johnson taking a shot.

Steve Severin looking to score.

Drew Curry battling to the Bucket!